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by Sefa MADAN

In summary; You can never use my photos, writings, design elements without permission.

For the purpose of my blog’s existence; you can use my ideas, you can experience my experiences. If you have decided to publish an idea or experience in a medium, you do not need permission as long as you cite it.

Get permission; Although my ideas and experiences are for humanity, sometimes there is a need for materials to use these ideas and experiences. But I am aware that there may be demands from your perspective. Feel free to request it, I generally allow use by citing any use that is not contrary to morality and the law. However, this expression does not mean that you can use it without permission. You can contact me by e-mail address sefamadan@gmail.com.

As a result; Live my ideas and experiences freely, but don’t steal my texts, photos and other items, that is, my labor.

If the information here is not sufficient, I am sure that the following Disclaimer is for you.

Legal Notice Regarding the Law of Protection of Intellectual and Artistic Works (Site Copyrights);

The rights of all text documents in the www.sefamadan.com website (my blog) are reserved. Unless otherwise stated on the pages within the site, no document, page, graphic, design element and other elements within the site can be copied, moved, quoted, published or used on the internet or in any way whatsoever (for indexes of search engines. even if they are taken from the buffer records they use) Our guests who visit our site declare and undertake that they accept all requests and explanations on the copyright of the site. The works, whose rights are reserved, cannot be reproduced, quoted, published or used elsewhere without the consent of their owners.

Don’t forget that I can apply legally

Not from time to time, work is always done with the necessary tools to detect labor theft, and if it is detected, applications are made to remedy the violation of rights by legal means for whatever purpose.