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DaVinci Resolve HEVC (H265) Gopro Videos “Media Offline” Problem and Solution

by Sefa MADAN
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Hello friends;

In this article, I will tell you about the “Media Offline” problem and its solution that I experienced in Davinci Resolve HEVC (H265) videos.

I encountered the problem when I wanted to edit the videos I shot with the Gopro Hero 7 Black camera. But I read on the internet that there is a similar situation with DJI branded action cameras and Drones. In fact, the problem is not the brands, but the video codec that is used to take up less space when recording at high resolutions such as 4K. HEVC (also known as H265), which you noticed in the title of the topic, is the source of the problem. Let’s get to the solution to the problem. Videos encoded with the HEVC video codec either need to be re-encoded in the code system our computer can read, or your computer must gain the ability to read this code. There is a free and paid version of the ability to read the code method. The fee version has a very small fee of 0,99 USD (the fee on April 26, 2020). I will explain both methods below.

DaVinci Resolve HEVC (H265) video Media Offline problem solution Method 1: Change video codec.

I also use this method myself from time to time. Video codec switching can be used not only for the DaVinci Resolve HEVC (H265) video Media Offline issue, but for many more problems. For example, “How are videos uploaded to Youtube fast?” There may also be a solution to the problem. You can read about this issue in his article. Now let’s get back to our topic. I am using the HandBrake application. But you can use whatever you want by typing “Video Converter” or “HEVC Video Converter” on Google. But I recommend HandBrake and I am very pleased. (You can read my HandBrake review article) With this application, I use the H265 (HEVC) video codec by converting it to H264 when my computer hardware is not enough, or when I do not have access to the home system. Because Davinci Resolve works best with H264 in my opinion. (I don’t have any technical evidence, personal opinion. Another reason is that the H264 video codec takes up less space, although not as much as the H265). But you can also use other options.

DaVinci Resolve HEVC (H265) video Media Offline problem solution 2nd method: Install the “HEVC Video Extensions” application.

While software can mean a lot of things, it’s not everything, unfortunately. It might seem like a somewhat meaningless sentence. Let me explain that if you do not trust your computer hardware (especially for 4K videos), installing the “HEVC Video Extensions” application will not do you much good. This application software decodes the HEVC (H265) code structure when your hardware does not support it, but even though I managed to open the video after installing the application on my computer that I collected in 2012, its performance did not work well. However, it will work if your system is up to date. If you have good hardware and want to work in HEVC (H265) codec format, you can type “HEVC Video Extensions” in the “Microsoft Store” search and install the application on your computer. Although it has a fee of 0.99 USD, it is not much, you have to buy it. (I came across the free version after purchasing) Your video will appear in Davinci Resolve as soon as the application is installed. If it is not visible, close the program or computer and turn it on again.

Paid version;Click for the paid version of HEVC Video Extensions “.

Free version; After purchasing I noticed that there is a free version available. Although it does not appear in store searches, it does exist in the web store. Try the free version first, if it doesn’t work, you will get the paid version.

The only difference I saw between them was the application names.

Click for the free version of “HEVC Video Extensions”.

Don’t get me wrong “HEVC Video Extensions” application is not an application for DaVinci Resolve application. For any video player on the computer, it is a generally necessary application for Windows computer to be able to open videos with HEVC (H265) codec.

I hope it was useful to you.

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